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Our MissioN & WORK

The CCC is a nonprofit standard holding body focused on providing consumer and industry education, transparency and choice in the cannabis industry.

Through our #Whatsinmyweed campaign and the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium the Council has become a leading advocate for clean, ethical and sustainable business practices in the cannabis industry.

A thing is right that tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community.
— Aldo Leopold, Professor and influential in the development of environmental ethics

Our History

The Ethical Cannabis Alliance founded in Portland, Oregon and the Organic Cannabis Association based in Denver, Colorado had similar missions.  Their individual work was similar and through collaboration the two nonprofits believed in attaining their mission by unifying and educate. The ECA and OCA believe they will reach a larger audience and bring consistency to the industry on a national basis through their merger and the national program the Cannabis Certification Council (CCC) is now pursuing to build a robust, transparent and conflict free standard holding body. 

The groups also believe that the “organic” and fair labor industry standards (in absence of the Federal Government’s involvement) for cannabis must be set and maintained by a non-profit so to avoid conflicts of interest. Together, the ECA and OCA have merged into the Cannabis Certification Council in order to establish a reliable national standard that consumers can recognize and trust.