Sustainability Awards

The Cannabis Sustainability Awards are a unique opportunity for cannabis businesses to be nationally recognized for their work to improve sustainability in their operations and communities.  The awards covered five areas: energy efficiency, water conservation, waste, pest management, and community engagement.

All nominees were recognized at the Awards Luncheon at the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium on October 4th, 2019.

Sustainability Award Winners

1st Place – Siskiyou Sungrown 

Based in Oregon, Siskiyou is committed to organic farming principles and non-toxic extraction methods in pursuit of the most pure cannabis product possible: high-quality decarboxylated, whole-plant, ethanol-extracted cannabis oil.

Today, Siskiyou Sungrown is the standard-bearer for quality cannabis products. A team of cannabis committed professionals, utilizing degrees in biochemistry, soil science, engineering, health science, and geology, along with advanced study in entomology and permaculture, oversees the farming of our estate-grown plant materials. More than 20 employees and contractors work together to grow, process, sell, and deliver Siskiyou Sungrown products to dispensaries around the state.

2nd Place – Native Roots Dispensary

Native Roots has 20 boutique dispensary locations across Colorado. Since 2010, Native Roots has been Colorado’s premier medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries.

Their state-of-the-art grow facility is over 173,000 SQFT, enabling them to cultivate world-class cannabis, develop concentrated raw goods through CO2 and BHO extraction, and manufacture a variety of finished goods for their customers.

3rd Place – Smokey’s Cannabis CO

Smokey’s offers Adult Use and Medical marijuana dispensary services for Garden City, Fort Collins, Colorado, and the surrounding areas. Their team is committed to the living soil movement and to providing the healthiest and most effective products for customers. Smokey’s goes beyond organic practices to create truly natural and healthy solutions, which include the following:

• The use and reuse of living soil with the addition of compost teas, fermented fruit and plant wastes, earthworm castings and other necessary elements for healthy soil microbiology
• Natural solutions for pest control, including praying mantises, nematodes and lady beetles
• Closed-loop systems for recycling plant waste and composting

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