Cannabis Sustainability Awards

 The Cannabis Sustainability Awards are a unique opportunity for cannabis businesses to be nationally recognized for their work to improve sustainability in their operations and communities. The awards cover five areas: energy efficiency, water conservation, waste, pest management, and community engagement. Any cannabis business that is operated in accordance with state and local marijuana regulations in North America may apply.

All nominees will be recognized at the Awards Luncheon at the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium on October 4th, 2019.

Applications will be judged blindly by a committee comprised of cannabis and sustainability experts. Applications will be scored in the following areas:

  • Level of impact the project has on the environment and/or community

  • Innovation – how unique is the project?

  • Quantitative and/or qualitative evidence of the project’s results

Evidence of results is extremely important to the success of an application. Ideally, applicants should describe the results of the project and submit supporting attachments. For example, a project which results in waste reduction could be supported by copies of waste-hauling bills that detail the amounts hauled before and after implementation. Photos are also encouraged.

Many projects may fall under multiple categories; for example, many water efficiency projects also have energy benefits. Please apply in the one category where the project has the most impact. Co-benefits should be described in the narrative and supporting evidence. 

Applications to Apply for the Sustainability Awards are CLOSED.